You may be tired of big companies like Microsoft dominating the world with their Windows operating system, so why not just shift to Linux – well learning something new may just be too much excitement for one day… Wubuntu to the rescue, just make Linux LOOK like Windows 11…

Or, maybe better not… Take a look and judge for yourself..

You may remember the movies where the hero or villain takes a piece of clay and presses a key into it to make a copy later. Anyhow, today, most locks are digital, so making clay copies seem a bit old school and obsolete, but think about it – most keys are still physical.. and what you may have thought were just movie magic, well this youtube video begs to differ…. Be sure to keep track of your keys!

It has been quite some time since I was an MS-DOS keyboard warrior, but now I see there is a way back (sort of) because now there’s even a web browser for MS-DOS.

Who comes up with these ideas? Nonetheless, kudos to the developer! I salute you. Now, how about a C64 version?