Felicita 🙂 Finally, after several months my blog is back on track…

It has been a long and difficult road, a road that involved some serious SQL debugging finding a new host and a lot of debugging in general…

So what happened you ask?  Well, believe it or not but the hosting provider, I found as a replacement for my old provider (that went bankrupt), also went bankrupt..  Can you believe the luck!?!  No!?  Well neither could I!!!..  And desperation grew as the only backup I had of my SQL database was in an unreadable format..  Anyhow, many long nights later – I finally cracked the formatting of the mySQL file and found a new provider that seem reliable (well, with my luck you never know 😉 )..

Now I am hosted with www.servage.dk (www.servage.net) and they have been around for quite some time, and seem large enough that imminent bankruptcy does not seem likely.  If you are interested in hosting with them use couponcode CRA100 it will give you a discount from 39DKK to 29DKK (and no it’s not my referral code 🙂 ).

For now the only thing left is to offer my apology for the long downtime and to once again say “Hello world!” – a blog is reborn 😀  There is still a bit of reconfiguration left, and a large backlog of blogposts to be published, so bare with me for the next few weeks 🙁

Best Regards

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