It would seem OpenDNSwill be getting some competition in the DNS field, as would be expected it’s Google that is fiddling with a new DNS service “Google Public DNS“..  It will be interesting to see whatGoogle will be offering.  As a side comment I can mention that OpenDNS has recently released a pay version of their free DNS service and added a few new services (antimalware etc) so you really should give it a spin if you have not already.

Here is a few – not so known – Network Diagnostics tools for you to use when debugging network issues;

From a commandprompt;

netsh diag ping gateway
netsh diag ping dns
netsh diag ping mail

From run in the “start menu”;


Are you using or thinking about implementing a Terminal server then you may know this is neither easy nor cheap.

Well me to the rescue (or well rather a link to the rescue), there is actually a cheaper and easier alternative that will make any Windows XP, 2003 or 2008 into a Terminal server without the expensive TS licensing, read more at;

While writing this post I also stumbled across this;
(Another TS alternative).

And the older free hack for Windows XP sp2 (dont know if it work after SP3);

So you are using remote desktop/terminal services and you are worried about security, well there are several things you can do to secure it among the oldies change the port number from 3389.  But hold on to your horses, now there is a whole range of new options via a new utility from 2x called SecureRDP, here you are presented with options to restrict IP, MAC, Computername and a combination of these.

If you use RDP you NEED to check this out, and best of all its FREE 😀