Bought two new games today, don’t quite know when I’ll have time to play them 😐 but was in the mood for some heavy destruction.

Call of duty 4 & World In Conflict.

Played the demo of the latter yesterday, scary graphics…  think my pc might just be getting out of date, especially my GFX card..  my present card just passes the minimum requirements.

Oh well, its soon Christmas, maybe Santa will be generous 😉

We all know the issue, we have a lot of digital pictures and would love to share them with friends and family.  However making the nice menus and uploading is complex, requires different software etc etc.  hence it never gets done..

Not anymore, Gallery Mage is a very simple yet powerful utility to deal with this issue.  It can create thumbnails, html preview and upload the resulting files directly to your website (via ftp) or to a directory which you can burn directly to a cd/dvd or upload to a web-site manually..

It does not get much simpler than this 🙂

Besides being free its even compatible with many open source “online gallery portals” (like coppermine etc) so you can use your existing ‘gallery portal’ if you already use one..

Finnaly it’s here, this weekend my daughter invited me over to watch a movie, she works at a DVD distribution company nearby and she had a few samples home with her.

It turned out to be quite interesting, the DVD’s was of the new ‘SELF DISTRUCT’ kind, those who only works for a limited time (in this case 48h) and then are rendered useless (details here

Several things immediately came into mind;

How does it work 🙂 I found an entry at but this does not say much on how the technology works, then I looked at a apparently similar product which was abandoned by Disney earlier.  As I can tell its not quite the same technology, as the DVD-D disks do not turn color.  From what I can tell the DVD-D disks have a small hole in them, my guess would be, that this hole has to do with the protection, could be that air somehow is let in via this hole and starts some decomposition..  an interesting experiment would thus in future be to try and close this hole (superglue or something) and see if this would stop the process.  Also the package does not seem air-tight, hence it would appear the process does not begin before first play, maybe triggered by the heat of the laser!?

Another issue..  The environmental one, disposable DVD’s… hmm is this environmentally friendly?  At first thought no, but then again…  rental DVD’s have to be returned, many people go out start their car and drive to the local DVD shop returning the DVD which obviously is equally disturbing..  Hence, I would tend to say, not environmentally friendly, but maybe not all that bad either..  Maybe some sort of return system could be put into place, say you would have to pay 50cent (like soda and beer cans in Denmark) which was returned upon returning the dvd-d to the reseller, but this likely would be complex to implement.


I find the perspective of this technology fascinating, just think no more going outside a cold winter day returning a rental DVD..  nice..  Also you could buy/rent your movie many days in advance, and then watch it at your leisure. 

However, just one problem for now, the price..  from what I could tell the price for these dvd’s are 1/3 higher than regular rental dvd’s 🙁  This would have to be equaled out before this turns into a ‘blockbuster’ (or maybe rather a blockbuster killer, as such dvd’s could be sold from anywhere)…

Below a picture of the ‘hole’ I mentioned earlier…
48H DVD)

Actually Celine Dion is not the only one who get the pleasure of entertaining me 🙂 on March 1st 2008 I’m going to see the “Mamma Mia” musical, based on 22 Abba hits…  Almost as great as Celine Dion…

Mamma Mia

Yes, its now officially true…  I am now the proud owner of 4 tickets to Celine Dion’s concert in Copenhagen next year…  It only took 1½ hours constant internet hammering on the ticket office and constant calling their overloaded phonesystem…

Unfortunately I had to settle with cheap rows, but hey I GOT TICKETS…  He he, guess my daughter is even prouder as she is among the 4 people going 😉

I am very much looking forward to this, Celine Dion has a special place in my life..  It is actually a bit sad, but never the less.  The day my mother died we all gathered in her house, and right there on her CD player was “I’m alive – Celine Dion”, yes I know odd with someone dying and remembering them by a song called “I’m alive” but every time I hear it it reminds me of my mother and that night in her house…  I tend to say that Celine Dion has the voice of an angel, and with this scenory in mind that could actually be just what she was for us that night…


No latebreaking technology here, but for those of you who have turned off automatic disk defragmentation in Windows Vista (with 1tb diskspace all it did was to work continuously on the disks), this might be useful..

A third party disk defrag with some extra features (cleanup before you go etc.), and best of all its FREE 🙂


You would not believe it if you did not see it, but after installing Vista and Office 2007, the startup of Outlook 2007 vent from seconds to minutes… It would take up to 4 minutes to get to your inbox, my first thought was the same problem with the spam-filter as I recently had with Outlook 2003.. But I finally got to the ‘lets google’ point and within the first few seconds I got a bite…

It would seem that Windows Vista was the corporate (what a surprise ;-)), something called TCP Windows Scaling (sounds mean), but to my relief the cure is quite straight forward, you issue a single dos command and everything works again (mind you, being Windows Vista you need to issue the command with Administrative privileges)..

Issue this command (using sufficient privileges) and the delay is gone..
“netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled”

Just spend about 30 min finding out that the usernames in WordPress is casesensetive, bummer 🙂

As the titel states, Hello world…  the beginning of a new blog…