Have you ever had the need to show someone how to do this and that, its easy you say – just click on “browse” and then select “This and that” and then click “ok”…  You as well as I know that the person in the other end will say, where is that – no I don’t show that…  in other words, a Video is worth a thousand words..

Introducing; http://www.jingproject.com/
This is a very easy and simple “screen grabber”, it will allow you to make screenshots and screen’videos’ in a second, and best of all allow you to share these with others instantly (via the something called Screencast)..


for a live demo of a video capture (there is no sound here, but that’s only because I did not have a microphone nearby)..

For now the service is free, but I suppose that will not last forever. The driving force behind the product is Techsmith, known for products like SnagIT and Camtasia Studio.

I use Jing for documentation all the time now.