We all know the hassle, you wish to download some neat utility but the download link require you to hand over your email address (download link send via email). Now as a person that has previously released quite a few utilities I can understand why this is, its nice to see who is using your software and neat to have a database you can mail to in case of updates etc, however as not everyone respects your privacy I don’t like to provide my email to just anyone..

So is there a solution you ask, and yes indeed 🙂 its right here;

So how does it work, well fairly simple actually, here is a step by step guide;

1. open
2. click “List (and add) domains
3. Now scroll through the domain names and find one you like.
4. now to create your temporary mail address all you need is your imagination, add whatever you like in front of the domainname you chose before (eg. – you can choose what ever you like simply add @domainname to the handle/name you choose.
5. Now goto the site where you want to download, enter “your new email address”.
6. Goto once again, enter the email (the one you invented yourself) and the code displayed, and sure enough there is your email download link 🙂

Ok, the world is not perfect, so do allow 10-20 min for the mail to arrive, if no mail arrive in 20 min try again with a different domainname.

Remember the mail address you ‘invent’ is accessible by everyone, hence make sure not to provide personal details when you subscribe to what ever it is you use the mail address for, once you get your login (to the download site etc) be sure to log on and change the password – anyone who guess ‘your email’ can read your mail so anything provided in the mail must be considered compromised.

But the good news is that you dont have to worry about getting spammed 🙂

Happy emailing..