ts-maxed-out1If you work as a Sysadmin you may have run across the issue where there is no more free Terminal Server “slots” available on a server (As you may know it is possible to connect 3 remote TS sessions against a server, 2 regular and 1 admin/console), this is quite annoying and is often due to one of your colleges forgetting to log out after ending their work on the server (or maybe they had something running that prevented them in disconnecting before the task was done)..

Anyhow, now YOU need to connect via MSTSC and are met with a message stating that TS connections are depleted.  You HAVE to get in, so what do you do?  You can try the Mstsc /Admin (XP sp3/Vista SP1)  or Mstsc /Console (all previous versions) and have it kick whomever is on the console connection (or physically logged on to the server in the server room) – however you may want to be nice and actually have a look and see who is on the server via TS and decide whom to kick.

To do so, goto a command prompt and type;
qwinsta /server:<SERVERNAME>/1

this will produce a list of everyone connected to the server via TS, now you can decide on which connection you want to ‘kill’ and type;
rwinsta /server:<SERVERNAME> <SESSION ID>

For a more detailed description see;

Tnx to Jesper Thulstrup for pointing me in the right direction.