feature1_1A new addition to the Skydrive saga (or rather to many of the online storage services – gmail, S3 etc etc).  This tool should be capable of adding your Skydrive/S3/Gmail etc as a drive letter, this would be a GREAT help as Skydrive is neat but requires you to create the directory structure manually 🙁

It is still in beta but free (lets hope it stay that way :-)).

Tnx to CRHO for the tip.

UPDATE January 16th 2009. I discovered an unfortunate effect of the above software, anything you have on your eg. Skydrive is cached locally, the issue with this is that if you have 25gb on your skydrive then the folder below will ALSO have 25gb, and for some with sparse disk space (or roamingf profiles) this may become an issue.

Windows XP cache folder;
"C:Documents and Settings\%username%Local 
SettingsApplication DataGladinetcache"