sms2 Bit of an oldie here, and still untested with newer GSM Phones, however should you want to have SMS capability in your organization this may be a cheap way to go.

It requires a compatible phone (and cable) and then you can fire off scripts (or commandlines) to send sms messages.  Seem easy enough, but sadly I don’t have a data cable to the old Nokia phone in our storage room 🙁

Do let me know if you try it and it works 🙂


I finnally had the chance to test this (I had no data cable for my cell phone), anyway it is all very straight forward until you try to send an sms from command line, this will fail with a message like this “there is no device previously used by SMS sender…….”.

Unfortunately the SMS sender software has a bug that causes it NOT to write your choice from the GUI to registry :-(,  so you need to enter the device name manually to registry.








The keyname is;
The key is a sting;
And the value is the name of your device/cell phone (as displayed in the GUI)
eg. “Nokia 6230i USB Modem” (without quotes)

once this is done you can send command line sms’s (as shown below P=phone number M=message L=Log message);

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SMS Sender>smssender.exe /p:12345678 /m:"Hello World" /l

















There are more details plus some C++ code for semi implementation into your own software here (it’s a rather basic launch routine for the exe file);

One problem with the SMS sender software if you use it in scripting, it will once the SMS is send bring up a message window telling you that the sms was send succesfully, now this is not that practical it this actually ‘halts’ thr process until the message window is closed (the above C++ code will as I can see solve this by killing the window afterwards).  Another issue, ONLY ONE sms can be send at the time, if you try to send several SMS’s in a row the software will fail – guess that is logical enough but not that practical if the script that sends the sms can somehow be called several times at nearly the same time..

Aparantly there also exists an Outlook 2003/2007 extention (MOSA) that will do something similar vai Outlook, I have not had time to test this but as it’s also from Microsoft it should work just as well or maybe even better(however this requires Outlook);

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  1. rajesh
    rajesh says:

    nice work.
    it was very helpful. i was searching for a long time for the registry value
    thanks a lot

  2. Klaus-Peter Francke
    Klaus-Peter Francke says:

    It was just the problem, I was confronted with-
    Thanks for your post and the solution.


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