2009-06-09_2316I looked for this for ages, but at some point I got my google search right and this is what it turned out;
Credits to Ramesh Srinivasan for writing this short guide;

The Services MMC Snap-In has two views namely Standard and Extended. The Extended view provides information about the selected service in the left side of the details pane. Also, it includes links for starting, stopping, or pausing the selected service. If you have a small monitor and need more screen real estate, you can configure the Services MMC to open in Standard view by default.

Open Services MMC Snap-In in Author mode

You can use MMC in author mode to create new consoles or modify existing consoles. Follow these steps to set Services MMC start in Standard View by default.

1. Click Start, Run and type %windir%\system32

2. Backup the file Services.msc and store in a safe location

3. Right-click the file Services.msc, and choose Author

The Services MMC Snap-In opens in Author mode, in which you can customize the window size, pane width, view mode (Standard or Extended) etc.

4. Customize the Snap-In accordingly.

5. From the File menu, click Save to save your settings.

6. Exit the Services MMC, which is currently in Author mode.

Now open Services MMC (services.msc) normally and see if the settings are applied.