If you are a sysadmin you have likely experienced that some odd user keep getting his/her Windows Domain Account locked out, there can be numerous reasons for this but while debugging the exact reason the user keep getting locked out and keep calling you every hour or so to be unlocked.

Well I came up with a workaround, you download a simple freeware utility called unlock.exe, and then schedule a batch job to run every 15-30 min that simply unlocks the account.  Now this is not the solution, as you really need to find the cause, but as debugging things like these can take some time and perhaps you have other pressing matters as well – then this is a fair workaround.

The batch file would look something like this;
unlock.exe . username

The unlock command also allow for listing locked accounts, and now I am thinking, maybe I could even set up some surveillance with this, creating a list of locked accounts every morning…  but that’s another story 🙂