You may be using Robocopy when copying files, Robocopy is an older Microsoft command line utility (even though a GUI has later been created) that can copy files in a particular robust way (Robocopy actually stands for Robust copy), the trick is that you can specify a lot of parameters eg. copy NTFS rights, mirror a directory structure and much much more.

However I just stumbled over an interesting freeware utility, this utility seem to offer many of the same options plus a bunch of new once..  

Among the the interesting plus features is one I have often sighed “move one at the time”, say you need to move a LARGE directory structure on a server to a new location on the same drive and as a twist you need to inharit NEW ntfs rights (the ntfs rights from the top folder in the new structure) – you could not just use the build in drag and drop move in windows as you would also move the NTFS rights (as its the same drive) (yes of cause you could afterwards change the NTFS rights but that takes a lot of time)…  but now you can set Fastcopy to just move one file at the time.  Sure there were other other ways of doing this, but this however is quite neat..

Other interesting features is speed limiting, less intensive processor usage, verify, filtering and many many more.

If you liked Robocopy and Terracopy you will likely also like Fastcopy.