2009-08-28_2308Have you ever tried to burn your collection of digital photos or mp3 files to DVD?  Sure you have, how did you accomplish it?  By sorting files into groups of 4.6gb and burning one dvd at the time?  Most people do it this way, you could also use winrar or other and create compressed files with a size of 4.6gb (one per dvd) – however that is not optimal if you later wish to extract just that ONE file you deleted by accident or if one DVD gets corrupted…

What to do!?  Well I stumbled across this blog post;

Where several utilities are mentioned;
SizeMove (see above link for screenshot)

I also stumbled across;
LargeBackup2DVD (a full featured backup solution)

A related product Dirsplit has come to my attention, this appear to be more related to sorting than size, but may still be interesting to you;

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  1. Jonny
    Jonny says:

    Hey thanks for the link! Much appreciated. Been having a look around your site too… Nice job! Added your feed.

    Thanks again.

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