We all heard of the iPhone4’s antenna problem, the problem is a fairly simple one – if you happen to ‘short’ the two antennas (wifi/3g) which are divided by a thin line on the outer casing then reception may drop.  The Apple way to solve this is to ask users not to hold the phone is such a way that they ‘short’ the two antennas (not place a finger on the thin black line on the casing while using the phone), others have come up with ‘simpler’ solutions – eg. place a piece of tape over the thin black line…

But the BEST solution is this, a small sticker to place in the affected area (Hilarious!!!!);

Buy it here; http://www.etsy.com/listing/52058857/iphon-end-call-now-sticker-stops-signal

A not so funny solution is this;