So my manager at work was in a generous mood lately, and had gotten all of us IT-geeks iPhone4’s, well I was kind of happy with my HTC Wildfire android 2.2 phone but not impervious to a new fancy device so I wanted to give this iPhone thing a spin just for the fun of it..

First thing was of cause to jailbreak the damn thing, why should Apple decide what I put on my phone!?  iOS 4.2.1 was a bit of a challenge if you did not have an Apple computer to jailbreak it from, however Greensn0w Greenp0ison (thanks Jared) just recently released a working jailbreak so I finally got around to jailbreaking the thing (my manager had also commented on my not yet using the new phone, so timing was excellent).. Jailbreaking went fairly easy, Greensn0w is quite simple and easy to use (an on-screen guide actually tell you what to do when and how, it’s to do with timing)..

My nephew Nick Dalmose pointed out that I should install a “source” into cydia called which would bring additional installation options to Cydia, however this seem a bit dodgy 🙂  but if you are the adventurous type then you may want to take a look..  Once you install the “” source you should then install “Installous 4” which will expand your installations options many times. Guide; Cydia -> Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add -> “” -> “” -> “Installous 4” and you are up and running. Now I do not endorse piracy, so use at your own discression – obviously you should abide by your country’s legislation.

Other than that there are a bunch of cool apps available via Cydia that are not in the Apple App-Store, these may not be super useful to “Joe the plumber” but if you are just a tad geeky then it’s not without it’s charm.

A few examples;
 (hide the clock)

Anyhow, have fun with your jailbroken device (but for god’s sake DON’T allow it to update when iTunes tell you there are new updates… that is SO NOT compatible with a jailbroken device)..

A co-worker (Tnx Mr. Grøn) was kind enough to share this link to a place that can assist you with finding the right jailbreak for your device;

Jared from was kind enough to correct me on a few points, so be sure to read the comments and also drop by which seem to harbour a few tips’n tricks also..

My Co-worker Mr. Grøn again came up with something quite cool, a totally neat cover for your iPhone4 (sadly the headphone adapter then become incompatible with my headset, it is clearly designed for the standard iPhone headset).  It is the coolest phone cover I have seen so far (slightly expensive at us$ 80 though):

ps; the headset compatibility issue could be solved by buying an adapter like this on ebay;

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  1. Jared
    Jared says:

    Great article, I noticed a few errors though(to be expected from a new iPhone users like yourself). Firstly, the jailbreak is called “Greenpois0n” not greensn0w. The sources don’t add “installation options” they are repositories where the 3rd party apps are hosted. Most Cydia applications can be downloaded and installed through the default sources that come with Cydia(bigboss, macciti, etc) but others like that you mentioned have to be added manually.

    Also, you have Winteboard listed as an app to “hide the clock” winterboard is actually a theming app, it lets you download and apply themes to your springboard.

    Hope that sheds some light on things for you!

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Hi Jared.

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I’ll correct my post so not to ‘mislead’ others 🙂

    It’s a somewhat ‘new’ world this ‘i-world’ when you come from an Android world.. I’ll have to post a comparison in a few weeks time..

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