One of the sentences we remember from many sci-fi films and series are “fire phasers”, and along comes a bright laser beam that obliorates the enemy.

Well there has been some Military implementations of lasers to planes etc. where attempts have been made to target missiles etc. however none very spectacular or portable.  Today however I read about something really cool, a somewhat portable laser that was capable of;

1. Cutting a matal pole at 1 km distance

2. Tracking and shooting down several drones at 2 km distance (flying at more than 50 meters per second)

3. Detecting tracking and shooting down a “Falling solid object” 82mm in diameter (mimicing a motar round)

It would appear that “Fire Phasers” will not be restricted to Sci-Fi movies in the future, I am looking forward to owning my own ray-gun 😀

For more information refer to the link below to the press release regarding the Rheinmetall’s HEL weapon.