fsceureWhen trying to get rid of a virus it often a good idea to scan using a boot CD, some viruses / rootkits bury themselves so deep that even the best antivirus cant detect them.  Sadly very few CD’s are commercially available, and most often requires regular updates to always have the latest definitions.

A friend of mine Mr. Grøn, Torben pointed out that he had just stumbled across;


Now this is interesting, F-Secure is an old player on the AV marked and usually makes good stuff, and it would appear this is no exception.  It is a Linux boot CD that can scan NTFS partitions, and the clever part is that it actually downloads the latest definition files before it begin scanning – clever..  One minor “issue” though, it will rename file extensions to .virus if a file is infected, and this is also true for system files – thus you can ‘damage’ your windows installation and make it non bootable which can be a problem for novice users.

Other than that it offer some extra recovery utilities for pictures etc.  Absolutely worth a look.

You may also want to give this a spin, I just learned about this;