Tonight I am going for something new, I am going to the “Teatro alla scala” in Milano or rather I am going to watch the opera Carmen in the local THX certified cinema via a live transmission from Milano.  I am very exicted and looking forward to this, quite an interesting approach and besides the technical aspect this will also be my first opera, all very exicting.

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Update Dec 8th 2009.
So it was yesterday I was at the Opera, my first, what is the verdict?  Well the technical part was ok, transmission was fine both sound and picture was excellent, furthermore it was not a ‘stillshoot’ – thus the cameras was operated all through the show so focus was always at the actors, both good and bad I’d say (it ended up looking too much like a TV show).  As for the opera part I think it was ok, guess I am just more a musical kindoff guy (give me Mamma Mia anytime) but interesting never the less.  All in all an ok experience, nothing more nothing less, for opera lovers I think the experience would have been quite good.