So this summer led to the way to early death of my compact Canon Ixus 860 camera 🙁  the screen got a bang and that was that 🙁  and of cause this model does NOT have any manual view finder….  so what to do, buy a new compact or go DSLR?  I went for option No2 – buy a new ‘expensive’ DSLR 😀  much encouraged by seeing that EVERYONE I met during my vacation in Rome Italy had a DSLR..

The choice ended up between Nikon D3000, D3100 and Canon EOD 1100, 550D.  I read review after review and eventually ended up with 2 models Nikon D3100 vs Canon 550D, after seeing the review and seeing that the Nikon D3100 was approx 260,- us$ cheaper I ended up buying the Nikon..  one thing I really miss on the Nikon though is the mic-in, it would be cool for video recording to have an external mic.

I am optimistic though, it looks like a quite decent camera – now I just have to get used to having this large thing to carry around with me :-/