Computerphile – these guys touch on many things, they seem to have a liking for cryptography, but also touch on other IT-security related subjects – You will find introductions on how the Enigma machine worked and how complex it would be to crack even today….. The level is high, but the tutoring is great and everything is kept easy to understand, if you are interested you will be sure to learn something.

NetworkChuck – This guy is awesome, besides his huge IT interest and knowledge he also sell Coffee (and he does appear as is he is drinking too much of it at times), he speaks on a wide array of topics and do easy to follow tutorials – if you want to learn about various IT-technical technologies, you defenitely should check him out.

He has also been an instructor on CBT nuggets, and it is easy to see why – very knowledgable and charismatic (even if he at times seem to have been drinking too much of his own coffee).

John Hammond – Here you will find interesting videos where John analyze malware and what not, John is really well versed in analysis of malware – and it is interesting to see him take apart a piece of malware – he will show you how malware authors accomplish obfuscating malware code by clever use of base64 etc. Trust me, this is a must if you are curious on how malware get by the defenses.

Say you need to fix some broken thingy, if you had a 3D printer you might print a replacement – but again, that might also entail that you can actually model the piece. There seem to be a cheaper alternative that at least some of the time might help you out..

Baking soda and super glue – huh, yeah – watch the video, looks legit.. I have not tested it myself yet, but it looks like something worth remembering if something breaks.