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For us old farts that recall watching this movie in our childhood, here is a pinch of humor for you 😀

Funny stuff….

Now how the …. can this be true!?

Give up?  Answer here

People are strange, but hey it’s their dime 🙂  It’s not my taste in smoothie though 🙂

Now also available for Facebook users 🙂

Are you just dying to own a licence plate with your own name on it?  Sure you could buy this at the motor vehicle office at a rediculous price, but now there is a cheaper alternative 🙂
Will make your own plate for 200-275 SEK (as opposed to approx 6.000 DKK at the motor vehicle office)

But beware, should you choose to use it for other than novelty use (eg. actually place it on your car) you could be in for a heavy fine 🙁 cops never had a sense of humor 😉

Judging from this video you had better be on good terms with your girlfriend when playing PS3 🙂

Ha ha, this was cool an advertisement for Sony Vaio – I can’t say if it’s from Sony (but I would not be surprised if it actually were) – well that’s another way of promoting your product – maybe something woman can relate to 😉



This one might come in handy if you need a nostalgic moment, someone has created a site with old versions of well known and well used software (eg. now you can download Paint Shop Pro Version 1 if for some reason this was just your favorite).  Actually I still use Paint Shop Pro 3.11 from time to time, it is so fast and easy to use if you just need to change a few pixels.

Go here for a browse down memory lane;

Microsoft had plans to promote Windows 7 via the comic show “Family Guy”, however the cooperation between the two parties sadly failed.

Now however a few demo clips have leaked, so for your enjoyment;  🙂 

Two links for you to check;


A neat service where you either upload a picture or reference it via a url and the page then display links to similar sites (with the same or almost the same picture)..  Kind of fun for a few clicks or three.

A somewhat similar service but seem more like a community you join (I have not read the full description), tnx to Jesper T. for the latter.


Now this is something a bit out of the ordinary on this blog, but it does sound interesting 🙂

This service offers to create the contact so you can rent a home or maybe just an apartment at some private person’s home just about anywhere in the world.

What a cool idea for the next summer vacation, this way you will get REALLY close to the native culture, or maybe one should even rent out the spare room in the basement 🙂  Cool..

Take the tour or plan your next vacation at;