Various fun stuff in general

mmm20091Have a spare minute or two and want to impress your friends?

Give this site a go, it will keep you entertained for a while 🙂

It will allow you to upload a picture of yourself (or a friend) and have it inserted into any of the about 100 backgrounds available..  It works quite good with most backgrounds, but can also cause some quite funny/entertaining outcomes.

It’s free, so there is no reason not to go crazy, have your 15 minutes of fame with Paris Hilton or as my picture here on a poster in an Italian city.

I really got a kick out of this;

Here you will have the opportunity to see how websites looked in the past, it was funny looking at some of my old websites and reliving how they looked 🙂  Nostalgia.

merilynHave you ever wanted to go on a date with Marilyn Monroe, well you are a bit late there I guess..  However luck will have it that you get a second chance, well more or less that is..

The owner of the funeral space (in a crypt) just above Marilyn Monroe’s has decided to sell to the highest bidder on Ebay 🙂 Crazy stuff..

So if you act now and have a good credit in you bank you can secure the right to ‘lay on top of Marilyn Monroe’ for years to come.  Nice..  Mind you the price should allegedly have risen above 4 mill $ so better consult your bank before bidding  😉

Bidding ends August 24th 2009.

If you are into waterskiing but don’t own a speedboat, well you should have a look here, now you no longer need that expensive speedboat to get the rush 😀  Crazy stuff…

Refurbish your old worn Commodore 64, your old favorite keyboard, your old matrix printer or whatever old geeky stuff you have lying in your basement because it has turned yellow and ugly..

If you ever had one of the older white keyboards, an old printer or an old C64 lying around you may have noticed that the color turned grown/yellowish in time.  No matter how much you rubbed with cleaning agents the color remained, some said it was caused by smoking (but if you as I am a non smoker it seemed unlikely) others claimed sunlight.

No matter what the problem was, someone now claim to have found the solution to it.  A gel “Retrobright” that can make your old device look like new once again.

You can make the gel yourself from household items;
1 pint (500ml) Hydrogen Peroxide, 10 to 15% strength (40 vol) (available from hairdressers’ supplies, e.g. the ‘Sally Beauty’ franchise in the UK)
2 heaped tablespoonfuls of Xanthan Gum (available from health food shops or online)
1 level teaspoonful of Glycerine (available from pharmacies)
1/4 teaspoonful of “Oxy” laundry booster

atlantis3A week ago or so someone via Google Earth located what could have been the greatest scoop of – well I guess ever – the possible remains of the lost city of Atlantis (see picture), it was a large man made structure like shape in the ocean.

Sadly Google has come up with a different less exotic explanation, stating that its actually sonar tracks (yeah, I know sounds strange, but take a look at their blog for a more detailed explanation).

Bummer, it would have been cool finding Atlantis.


So if you are bored during lunchbreak direct your browser towards; and take Quake Live for a test spin. 

It’s based upon the popular Quake games from the past, but it looks like computers now are so powerfull that a simple browser is enough to execute a cool fps game.. neat..

It’s free which is my favorite price for fun..





clockandbumpSo the storyline from all those SciFi films are one step closer to fulfillment, it would seem that scienstists have optimized earlier effords in this field to provide a even better version of their ‘cloak’.

The technology is complex, but the basics are that you on the one side of an object capture the light and on the otherside re-emits this light, a little like having a camera on the one side and a monitor on the other just in a much larger scale (many small cameras and small monitors).


utubeIf you enjoy YouTubing with friends and family and your computer is not connected to your tv (or eg. if your TV is not HD, which is true for some us still, sigh) then this has not always been straight forward 😐

YouTube to the rescue with a TV friendly interface to use on your PS3 (what PS3 😉 ), Wii (what Wii? 😉 ) or other console with buildin browser.

To try out the new interface simply launch (note TV appear to be CASE sensitive)..

One thing to note
is that the special TV version of the site cannot be accessed in your PC’s browser without using a special browser add-on like User Agent Switcher, which can trick YouTube into thinking that you’re visiting the site from your console. If you’ve got a Mac Mini hooked up to your TV, this might be your best bet.

Note, interface may look different from console to console.


Well today’s tip is a bit off topic, but it is REALLY neat (especially for the female gender, we men look hot as we are).

Ok, this web site offer people the chance to see how they would look with different makeup and hair..  I guess that has been seen before, but this is REALLY well made, you can upload your own photo and then adjust the parameters and start changing hair and stuff.  I was amazed at how well created it is and how good results it makes.

So tell your wife, girlfriend or teenage daughter and you won’t be allowed near your computer the rest of that day 😉  but you will score some cheap points and that’s always worth doing..

The site again;