ateamHow neat is this, the A-Team series from the 80’s (1983) will be ‘revieved’ for a movie, sadly not with the original actors (most known is likely Mr. T., but also Dwight Schultz is very well known for his roles in Star Trek) but with a new cast and perhaps with a newer up-to-date finish ala 2010..

I for one found the show very entertaining, it was so quirky and fun – no one ever got hurt in the show, and the ‘punchline’ was always the same – build something out of nothing (a bit like McGyver) and help the underdog..

The original series;
The new movie;

Now with trailer;

During Christmas I visited a friend of mine, he had just invested in a “Western Digital WD TV Live HD Media Player” and ran a quick demo for me..  It actually looks quite nice with a lot of useful features, it streamed perfectly from his NAS even HD ran perfectly and it had YouTube support and whatnot 🙂  The remote seemed a bit toy-ish but was very responsive and worked much better than how it looked..

I have the XBOX 1 (Classic) with a boot chip and use XBMC on it, so to me there is little need to invest in this new box, that is until I get a HD tv then things might change 😉

Like to know more about this box?  Here’s a YouTube review for you;

At last, Tomorrow is the day when a new Sci-fi series airs 🙂  Yeah…  it is the new offspring of the Stargate saga named “Stargate Universe” – and I do have high hopes for this..  The other two series Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis both was great, and the new replacement will hopefully be equally good.  The plot as far as I know is that one of the Stargate builder ships is discovered, and upon a group of Stargate personnel investigating this they are caught on the ship as it travels the universe, lets see how that turns out…

So if you are in the US, you’d better reserve 2 hours on Friday October 9th 2009 for some Sci-fi 😀

The Danish CableTV provider will as of September 2009 cease encoding their digital tv signal, thus you will no longer need a decoder card for your DVB-C enabled TV/box.  Now sadly this does not mean that you can view more channels, only that you now can watch them in digital quality something that earlier would require a separate subscription.  Indeed good and interesting news for those of us that has 🙂


aiptekI always wanted a video camera, but to be honest have had very little use for one..  But some day I came across’s site and was intrigued by this cheap HD camera, and as it proved to be even cheaper in Denmark and I had just received a small bonus check from my insurance company on just that amount, well I ended up buying one..

So how is it really?  Well it’s small very light weight and I’d say good value for money, it lack optical zoom and the sound could have been slightly better (but it’s not bad at all)..  I’ll see if I can’t record a small demo video and put it up here for you to see some time in the future.  Recording is done in .mov format and thus you need to convert it if you wish to transfer it to DVD, but computerplayback works like a charm with Apple Quicktime (which also let you stick to HD)..  Recording of 1h full hd is 4gb, so I added a 16gb sd card which leaves plenty of space for recording.  All in all I am satisfied.

A few links to news/reviews;

And I bought mine here;
Which was the cheapest store at the time (DKK 1.000,-  €133).

Update; I had some minor problems with video’s I transferred from this camera (they would ‘pixelate’), I actually thought the camera might have been broken – but it turned out to be quite a trivial matter see the explanation here  now video’s transferred from the camera is crisp and sharp..

laserdiscPioneer has announced that they will halt production of laserdisk players once the production of the last 3000 units has finished.

My my, Laserdisks was introduced in the 1980’s and I actually thought that production of players had stopped long ago as laserdisks (the media) was no longer being produced.

I sadly never owned one which is a bit of a shame as the quality was supposed to be better than DVD, but with the introduction of HD, I guess time finally caught up with the aging Laserdisk.

Anyway if you just have to have a Laserdisk player then this is the last call unless you are Ebay’ing, or maybe you should join the new millinium and try on Blueray.

RIP Laserdisk 🙂

utubeIf you enjoy YouTubing with friends and family and your computer is not connected to your tv (or eg. if your TV is not HD, which is true for some us still, sigh) then this has not always been straight forward 😐

YouTube to the rescue with a TV friendly interface to use on your PS3 (what PS3 😉 ), Wii (what Wii? 😉 ) or other console with buildin browser.

To try out the new interface simply launch (note TV appear to be CASE sensitive)..

One thing to note
is that the special TV version of the site cannot be accessed in your PC’s browser without using a special browser add-on like User Agent Switcher, which can trick YouTube into thinking that you’re visiting the site from your console. If you’ve got a Mac Mini hooked up to your TV, this might be your best bet.

Note, interface may look different from console to console.


r2230It would seem DVico has released TViX R-2230 a small form factor mediacenter with DVB-T build in, it looks quite interesting even though there seem to be some confusion regarding HD playback (supports 1080p but not MKV and H264).  I really liked the previous versions of TViX (se earlier post) and thus this is  interesting for when I will be decomissioning my good old X-Box1 classic (which I use as a mediacenter today) 🙂 one major issue however, it would seem it does not come with a network adapter which seem kind of silly 🙁

A few links for you;,tvixhd-pvr-plays-ripped-bluray.aspx

Danish site;


So a friend of mine bought a PS3 (I’m sticking to my chipped XBOX 1 Classic until the price falls or I win the Lottery or something), anyhow – a question quickly came to mind, will a PS3 play those video.mkv files (see the DIVX7 post earlier).. 

Sadly no 🙁 the answer seem to be (one less reason to skip the good old XBOX1 – its not powerfull enough to play them but it tries its best), however converting MKV2VOB should be fairly easy (but will the quality still be HD?).

For details take a look at;