Found an interesting mention on the Microsoft Lync client for iPhone (Lync is more or less a corporate version of the MSN-Messenger).

Sadly it won’t work on my iPhone as I have jailbroken mine and is FAR behind in iOS version 🙁 but then again, if I were to install this I would propable get IM’s from work all the time so guess I can live with it 😉


Microsoft Lync 2010 for iPhone requires a Lync Server or Office365/Lync Online account and will not work without it. If you are unsure about your account status, please contact your IT department.

Download for iPhone:

Download for iPad:

Just stumbled across a free util for advanced NTFS partition repair that I wanted to share, ít may just come in handy someday 🙂

I suddenly had the need to have a user send me some detailed info about his Windows 7 PC, and vaguely I recalled some utility that could make this as an export file you could send via email.

And sure enough this still exist under Windows 7 🙂

it’s called;
msinfo32.exe  (yes its the same name for x64)
(just hit <left windows button> + <R> on the keyboard and launch <msinfo32.exe>).
You can export the data to a text file (do this instead of the binary file it can export – I have experinced that the binary file somehow get ‘damaged’ during email transfer).

For more info look here;

This is clever, I don’t need it and can’t see that I ever will – but it’s still clever..

You may have heard about technologies like JBOD (Just a bunch of disks)which allow you to link a bunch of harddrives you have into one driveletter.  The upside is that you can ‘reuse’ those old drives you have lying around (normal RAID configurations require that disks be of the same size as a minimum), the downside is that there is NO redundancy/security in JBOD.

Drive Bender is similar to JBOD, it will allow you to link together free diskspace from a bunch of different drives into one single volume.  One thing that is slightly different and potentially clever is that the technology is “non-intrusive” meaning that it will not destroy the existing filesystem (NTFS) – it will simply store it’s files on the existing filesystem (as I understand the technology), you should even be able to access files on the disks without going through Drive Bender.

As mentioned I can’t think of a sittuation where I personally would need this, that however does not make it less clever 😀

Right now it’s in a beta state and by invite only, so you’ll have to sign up for the next beta round.

Pricing is not revealed, one could hope it would be free 🙂

Have you ever seen those warnings from your browser “The HTTPS content you are…..” stating that the page you are loading contain both HTTP and HTTPS?  The answer is most likely yes, sure you can disable these warnings (which due to their frequency may even be necessary) but for the sake of security or even just curiosity you may wish to know just what it is on the webpage that is HTTP and not HTTPS (often it’s simply an image, however if it should prove to be a java-script it might be a good reason for a raised eyebrow).  Anyhow, how do you get this information?  Well I found a mention of something called HTTP Watch in a forum somewhere (can’t remember where sorry), this is an add-on to IE/Firefox that will allow you to see what’s going on when loading a web-site, simply install – rightclick on the web-site and choose HTTP Watch – record and re-load/load the page and get the complete list of objects loaded..

Cool, and better still the Free version is quite sufficient 😀

Just found an interesting post about WOL (Wake on lan) over the internet, now that sound kind of useful 😀

Check it out here;

Among other you will need this;
Wake on Lan GUI

I have “installed” and tested this, but so far sadly without luck :-/ I will hopefully have time to do some more digging in the near future, but I am a bit sceptic, when the PC is off it does not have an IP!?  It may work if you have an ADSL modem but with a router I can’t really see how it would work.

Well today I’m on the iPhone 4, however when I had my HTC Wildfire Android phone I was missing a good Audiobook player but never did manage to find one..  Now when it is not that important I by accident stumbled across this one; which seem to support the very important .M4B format (the format for most of my audiobooks as I had an iPod before).

Companel – If you are using Windows 7 this may be an interesting util for you, it allow you to somewhat customize the “My Computer” view and add additional items to the default display.

I do find this quite useful as I often start Windows File Explorer via “my computer”.

And as with most good things it’s free 🙂

more info here;

This is, as with many of my other posts, mainly a reminder to myself to remember something cool I once stumbled across. More than once I have had to search high and low to remember this site, it is cool but not something you need every day.

This site offers many different server, user and other management solutions, common for all is that they are integrated as webserver services – thus you can delegate management (Provision) assignments (server management, user management, self service and what not) to AD users without escalating their AD rights..  An example, you can assign “Joe the plumber” (a regular Domain User) rights to reset passwords for all the other Plumbers in his department – thus freeing help-desk personnel to do more important assignments.

How it works, well it’s fairly simple actually – the solution/product run on a web-server, here a service account has “Domain Admin” rights (or lower if required) and can thus perform the various tasks that users ask it to do via the web-interface – the solution/product (web-application) then manages who can do what and furthermore logs all that is done and by whom.

The site offer several 30 day free evaluation versions some of which will even work as free versions (limitations apply) after the 30 days.

The solutions are used by numerous large companies (NASA, Sony and GE Capital just to mention a few) so it cannot be completely off.

See more here;

Other tools in the same product range;

A YouTube web-cast of Quest’s solution (1 hour);

A YouTube video intro to AD Manager Plus (not super good nor official, but it may give you some idea);

Microsoft is also about to release solutions that can perform some of these tasks;

I just stumbled across this nice little free util, it’s sort of a taskmanager for your Hyper-V server..

Cool it’s free, however I’m slightly sceptical when it comes to the performance it reports – I feel my server should be under a more heavy load – but hey I’ll give it a spin and see how I like it.

get it here;